Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music, and Movies

Ok, so to start my blog going again, I posted some images of a few movies that i am obsessed with and have watched way too many times.... the list keeps growing :P All of them are romantic comedies, all if them are awesome, and I have watched all of them atleast 4 times in a matter of days. Above the movie pictures are pictures of my latest obsessions in the music world. Jenette McCurdy, Taylor Swift, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne.
Sorry about the images... they are acting up and not going where i want them to.... Anyway, I am going to Hawaii in just a few days, so I am going to try to update this blog with pictures and stuff from the trip! ^_^

Hi everybody! ^_^ I have not updated my blog in awhile, so I thought I might try to start It back up again.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


By no means do you have to watch these videos. They are basically to help me vent about my loss.

Okay, so.... I watch a show called Total Drama Island with Daniel. It is basically a cartoon version of survivor. Courtney and Dunkin are probably my favorite cartoon couple ever!!!! The latest episode is the one when they finally kissed! In that same episode courtney left! The weirdest thing about it is that Everyone voted for Harold to leave! Dunkin knew that for a fact!!!! A FACT!!!! I think Harold has an evil plot to get back at Dunkin and Geoff for bullying him. He knew if he reported Courtney, and she left, it would hurt Dunkin alot worse than him leaving himself! At the end of this episode Harold said that his next target is Geoff and Bridgett!!!! DAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty then, done venting. Thanks for listening, or not reading a word of this when you saw that I was going to vent about my loss. COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Cries*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

These pictures represent the three things that my mother has become addicted to since she turned 40. ^_^ Here is some happy birthday root beer, happy birthday word twist, and a happy birthday twilight cupcake. Everyone can join me to wish my mom a Happy Birthday. Thank you to Andrea for photo shopping the Twilight picture, and google for providing me with the rootbeer and word twist pictures. I also thank all you nice people for commenting on my blog! YAY!! Love you Mom ^_^

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Bunch of Random Videos

This video is a play off of "I Want It That Way" by the backstreet boys. Weird Al Yancovich rules! Gotta love all the random stuff you can get on E-bay! ^_^

This is another one of my favorite videos. No offence to all you blondes out there! I just love the lyrics. Andrea and I may make our own version of this song, so I will keep you posted. ^_~

This is the sequal to the first berries and cream dance. I like this one better because the teenage boys are thinking whaaaaa????? EMBRACE THE JUICYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

I'm so sorry we cant be there, but you can be celebrated on the internet! I cleaned up the playroom yesterday in preparation for Heather's design challenge! ^_~ While cleaning I looked at my hand. There was a baby geco on it! I freaked out, and flung it off! Then I immediatly felt sorry for hurting it, and tried to find it. No luck. Oh well "O_O. I also am mad at face book for brain washing my parents into tending to virtual gardens, and throwing Justin Timberlake at people every minute of the day! Curse you Face Book!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So... back to Heather, here is a virtual birthday cake! enjoy! Hope your birthday is awesome! Take yourself out shopping! Go to a spa! Have some fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Space Chimps Is Out Of This World!

Yesterday Mom, Daniel, Laura, and I saw Space Chimps. I dont understand how it got such bad reviews! It was a perfectly lovely movie. The jokes were funny and well timed, The characters were very lovable, and their was a romance! Who could possibly ask for more? Even mom, who was reluctant to see the movie in the first place, said she loved it. Laura thinks it may just be her favorite movie of the year, and has devoted her new blog to chimps because of it! Daniel laughed his way through it, and as for me, well, I loved it and it will probably be in my top five movies of the year! If you have not seen Space Chimps yet, I strongly encourage you to see it!