Friday, August 1, 2008

Space Chimps Is Out Of This World!

Yesterday Mom, Daniel, Laura, and I saw Space Chimps. I dont understand how it got such bad reviews! It was a perfectly lovely movie. The jokes were funny and well timed, The characters were very lovable, and their was a romance! Who could possibly ask for more? Even mom, who was reluctant to see the movie in the first place, said she loved it. Laura thinks it may just be her favorite movie of the year, and has devoted her new blog to chimps because of it! Daniel laughed his way through it, and as for me, well, I loved it and it will probably be in my top five movies of the year! If you have not seen Space Chimps yet, I strongly encourage you to see it!


Amy said...

It's true. I found it very funny and charming. Certainly an enjoyable 75 minutes in the theater. Less enjoyable were the chocolate covered cookie dough bites that Laura and Daniel opted for as snacks. Give me Goobers any day :-) Especially for a chimp movie! What was I thinking?

Dana said...

You're blog is wonderful and, given your review of Chimps, I'm sorry I missed it, although I have a feeling that I may be seeing it with you and Daniel on DVD in the not too distant future.

Vira said...

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Vira said...

This is Aunt Andie,
Congratulations Maddie on the launching of Strawberry Fields Forever. I look forward to reading many of your recommendated books that I have not read yet. Tell your mom and dad of this fabulous gold mine of a scrabble word, "cwm" look it up!
Miss you...we'll write more later!

Anonymous said...

Nice review... I'll have to check that one out. I know Sophia had a chance to go with you guys but she and Daniel opted for the "don't leave the house for any reason whatsoever" strategy!

Did you like it more or less than Wall-E?

P.S. Glad to see you have a blog! I'll be a faithful reader. :-)

pegclifton said...

I'm so glad you like the movie. Do you think Grandpa would like it?

Maddie said...

Dad- Thanks! I am sure you will see Space Chimps. Maybe even while it is still in the theaters!
Laura- Call me for information like that!

Andie- Thank you, I will have to look up that word!o_o Where did you find that one!

Clay- Daniel never wants to leave the house! Im sure you and Sophia would love it. Im not sure if you should take Fiona this time though! ^_~ I would say I might have liked this a little better than Wall-E. Maybe because the jokes were a little funnier. It is too close to call!

Grandma- Yes, I do think Grandpa would like it. Some of the jokes were amed towards an adult audience. You both would probably enjoy it!

Amy said...


I looked it up and I demand a Scrabble game, STAT! How did you come across it? Will you be encountering a cwm when you're at the Lake house?